Описание крема RETORNA

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Assessment in human of the anti-wrinkle, anti-bags and anti-dark rings effect of a cosmetic product. Checking of its acceptability after application under normal conditions of use. Subjective assessment of its cosmetics qualities and efficacy.

29.01.2010 Study 09-0927/0/09.0645.Evic Hispania 02.11.2009. (англ. яз.)

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Application of Retorna® cream (Catalysis S.L. Madrid) as an anti-aging preparation in women aged 35 to 60 years with ageing or damaged skin and Class I to III wrinkles.

21.10.2009 Head Researcher: Dr. Hana Zelenková, Ph.D. DOST Private Department of Dermatovenereology in Svidník, Slovakia. 2009u. (англ.яз.)

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